Deck Building Overland Park (Building Codes 101)

November 9, 2020

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If you’re considering building a deck outside your home, your first step should be to research local Overland Park building codes affecting decks, patios, porches, and other outdoor spaces. Neglecting to build a deck in Overland Park to local codes can mean added costs and repair work! Note, too, that building codes are meant to protect your property, neighboring properties, and even your safety, so it’s in your best interest to research those codes before you start shopping for lumber and other supplies.

A homeowner would be wise to check local codes for deck building in Overland Park, KS, when they’re ready to start construction as these codes can sometimes change, or just leave this work in the hands of a professional. A local deck builder will be aware of current codes and how they affect your deck plans. If you do want to try DIY deck building, you might note some basics about Overland Park building codes and a few quick tips for ensuring a solid, secure deck you’ll love for years to come.

deck building up to code in overland park

Where Do I Find Overland Park Building Codes?

Before you decide to buy a property, build a home, build a deck or patio, start a business in your home, divide property, or do anything else that might fall under the jurisdiction of local building codes and zoning laws, contact the Planner for the Unincorporated Area of Johnson County or the Planner for your city. You can call them at the Johnson County commissioner’s office or find their website and use a contact form as needed.

How Do You Apply for a Permit for Overland Park Deck Building?

The best way to apply for a permit for deck building in Overland Park and all of Johnson County is to visit their website and start an account. From there you can visit their online portal that allows you to apply for a permit, without having to make phone calls, visit the office in person, and so on.

What Is Needed to Apply for a Permit for Decks in Overland Park?

When you visit the Johnson County website, you’ll find a section for applying for permits. That page will tell you what’s needed based on what you’ll be building whether that’s a deck attached to the home, a floating deck, a back porch, patio, and so on. You’ll also want to visit that site if you are considering a pergola or other such outdoor structure as these can also fall under local building codes and requirements.

wrap around deck adheres to building codes

How Do You Know If You Need a Permit for Decks?

As a general rule, all decks need a permit in Overland Park and surrounding areas. A permit is also required to alter, repair, move, demolish, or otherwise change the structure and nature of a deck. Simple power washing or painting and sealing of a deck typically does not need a permit, but any work that might alter its structure, size, or stability typically needs a permit. Check with the county if you’re not sure about the nature of your construction or repair work.

How Long Are Permits Good For?

Most permits affecting Overland Park building codes last for six months, provided you have an inspection in that time. If the permit has expired, you might only need to pay another fee to have it extended rather than applying for a new permit. If your permit has expired, check with the Johnson County planner’s office about renewing it before purchasing another.

Does a New Deck Require an Inspection?

Virtually all work requiring permits and that are governed by Overland Park building codes require inspections. A deck might need an inspection during work and then once work is completed, depending on its scope and design. To find out what inspections are needed for your home’s deck plans, contact the county’s office and they will typically inform you what’s needed for permits, construction, and final inspections.

building inspection for deck in overland park

Why Does Deck Building in Overland Park Need a Permit?

A floating deck might sit on footers made especially for decks and not affect your home’s construction or get in the way of proper drainage on your property. However, most decks attach to the home’s framework itself and need several footers or even foundation screws for support.

In turn, your deck construction plans affect your home’s overall framework and structural stability and might also affect your property’s drainage. Improper deck construction and especially as it attaches to your home can lead to water damage, mold growth, insect and pest infestation, and structural instability. This can also affect the safety and stability of your deck!

Improper drainage on your property or having a deck interfere with underground wires and plumbing pipes also affect nearby properties. If your home’s deck footers or foundation piers damage underground plumbing pipes, this can lead to flooding on neighboring properties, as an example.

Local Overland Park building codes are designed to protect your home from otherwise unnecessary damage and keep structures safe, including outdoor decking. Those codes also ensure that structures on your property don’t pose a danger to your neighbors. For your own safety and to ensure your property and neighboring properties are protected from otherwise unnecessary damage, familiarize yourself with Overland Park building codes before tackling deck building.

How to Ensure a Safe Overland Park Deck Build

An Overland Park deck building contractor can ensure a safe build for your outside deck, patio, or other such space, and ensure your new construction is up to code. However, to ensure a safe deck build, add extra joists under the deck floor, for added stability and strength. The deck’s ledger should also be attached to the home’s framing and not its outside siding, to keep it stable and avoid rusted, corroded connectors.

It’s also good to have underground pipes, wires, and other obstructions marked before you start your Overland Park deck build, and ensure you can build over them or reroute your deck building plans. You also want to avoid blocking basement windows, which are needed for emergency egress out of the home, as well as dryer vents, electrical outlets, and water bibs or valves.

If you keep these simple tips in mind you’re sure to have a deck built to local Overland Park building codes and one that’s safe for use. You can then enjoy your outdoor space for many years to come!


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